Subversion too old

Subversion is perfectly integrated in Netbeans and if you have a running Subversion server or subscribe to Sourceforge project it is matter of minutes before you can commit, update, merge and diff-it. Aside that combination you can use Tortoise SVN which embed itself into Windows Explorer.

But due to some structural changes between 1.4 and 1.5 you cant mix projects from 2 machines with different client versions. It seems I imported with client used on another PC to commit changes, afterward it did not work on the first PC anymore. Just popping the error “subversion client too old…”.

I am not sure how to handle that, beside ensuring all clients run the same version. My workaround: provided your sources on the server are most actual one, trow away your local copy (make a backup first) and checkout again.
You find some info/problem description here (link).

Subversion Server on (link)
Subversion Client on (link)
Tortoise SVN Client on (link)

Update 2008-10-31
Netbeans Users:You can use any svn cmdline client. There is no need to go for the older “Netbeans” version. Download the latest at (link)


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