On SourceForge.net (Part 2)

I just released the latest version of my UUID Generator. Now as 0.3Beta, moving away from Alpha status. Not to sure what is the proper distinction between software in Alpha and Beta Stage. Despite the very limited amount of functionality my tool offers, it is still a good exercise to understand the logic of SF Open Source projects. I created feature requests, one of them is in the new release. Still observe the ranking, interesting enough in the second week it shot up to rank 998 then after a couple of days inactivity down to 2268. Now with the new release up to 1924. Guess it is the same like with blogs, you dont write, no visitors. With new entries visitors come back. Thanks 😉

I am browsing around SourceForge.net and check out other projects. Not sure how many projects are there in total, but there are many dead ones, also test rubbish with big title and ambitious description but no activity at all for months (years). I also notice that only serious projects do bugtracking and have a active forum. Almost no project offers documentation. Reflects a bit the real world though.

UUID Generator 0.3B

UUID Generator 0.3B

Project site at SF.net (link)


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