Roundup ITARC 2008 Singapore

Last monday and tuesday I attended the ITARC conference by IASA. Or in more descriptive words: The IT Architect Regional Conference organized by the International Association of Software Architects (Singapore chapter). IASA establish a association and community of IT architects worldwide with roughly 7000 plus members in 50 countries. Software architect is a profession performed by many but hardly recognized as such.

Drop by their website to learn more (link)

The conference: A 2 day marathon of sessions, talks and tracks covering a wide field of enterprise IT topics. It was worth joining, not only because 2 “celebrities” enlighten the crowd of about 100 people with their thoughts and experience in the domain. I was a bit disappointed though that the announced Grady Booch (inventor of UML) didnt show up in real, but in SecondLife (which didnt work out due to network problems or whatsoever). Of course he is busy and we cannot expect that he flies around the planet to share his experience, but the organizer should announce this way of presentation in advance, so everyone can adjust his expectations ! To be honest, I have the same value if I watch a video on InfoQ (link).
The second known IT expert was Scott Ambler, which I appreciate for his work and agile methodology. He appeared in real, but he is an experienced presenter and talker and has a strong standpoint, so in a QA session you can just throw questions at him without getting mouthful back.
What I dont like, is presenter show up for their presentation and otherwise you dont see them around to talk to them in between the sessions. Anyway, most of the other presentations were worth listening too and networking should be always on your agenda.

I want to highlight 2 more presentations which I really enjoyed:
Paul Glenn “Motivating Geeks” (link)
Prof Jill Slay “SCADA security architecture” (link)

And a last word to my fellow attendants:

– You should join this kind of conference because you are genuinely interested not because your boss sends you or you are eying on freebies and lucky-draws or early end and go shopping in the nearby shopping centers.
– Stop making phonecalls, reading your emails and talking during the session. Get out and do your business if you cant be offline for 45 minutes !
– You should become or work as an Architect because it is what you like to do, not because you find the title so cool on your namecard or hoping for a ridiculous high paycheck.
– Be interactive ! Ask questions and help the presenter when she or he polls around or tries to get attendants involved into the session (but thats a local culture thing, so unlikely thats going to change).

Looking forward to ITARC 2009…

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