Daily Thoughts 0

Just thinking about adding some daily thoughts to the blog. Topics, questions, ideas,.. that come across my mind while reading about technology, testing, trying out, playing and designing solutions. Whatever is not enough for a full-blown essay and rather a one-liner ends up here. To keep for later or spark of a discussion.

  • Green IT
    You realized for quite a while green becomes the dominant color in the IT industry ? Anything suddenly becomes green, goes green or is green in some context. How to verify green ? Is there a certificate or international recognized test to allow you to be green ? It is so easy to make some more green marketing strategies and everyone just feels so much better. I can sleep sound and safe because my webserver is hosted in a green hosting company.
  • Cloud Computing
    Everything is in the cloud. Data, knowledge, applications, everything. I occasionally I ask myself: If everyone becomes an aggreagtor and consolidator, who will produce the content ? At some point mashing yahoo with flickr, amazon, facebook and xyz.net superfluous. Companies are still conservative and will not use cloud applications or data somewhere but not in your own serverroom to calculate your next salary.
  • Grid Computing
    At the conference the other day someone (from a rather very big ..like worldwide big.. IT company) mentioned, enterprise applications gonna be obsolete and everything needs to be grid enabled. Applications would share resources all over the place. I guess that is not happening outside your serverroom if you conservative.

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