Daily Thoughts 1

  • Rich Client
    Some years back when networks were in place and we moved from a terminal environment to a Client-Server landscape, the client application (always 100% depending on the OS its running on) was used to be named as Thick Client or Fat Client. Today we still use frontend’s, either a browser or embedded in a browser as flash, applet,.. or as some kind of executable (eg. java clients are supposed to run as bytecode on virtually any OS). Latest technology gives us Adobe Air that breaks Flash free from the browser. So the basic concept is still the same (to some extend), but we are calling it Rich Client. Why this ? In the 21st century you dont want to use some obessity related technology ?
  • Google Orwell 2008
    George Orwell’s (Wikipedia link) description of the future in his novel ‘1984’ (published in 1949) painted the picture of a totalitarian regime observing and surveilling everyone. It didnt really happen that way in the year 1984. But now, another 24 years later governments are more eager to track individuals (with the help of IT at large) activities on the web as well on the phone. But what is surprising, on top of that we are eager to provide all kind of personal information voluntary to all kind of online services like Facebook or now, Google Health. We are concerned about data security but we are passing our medical records to an online service of which we dont know how its going to be used in future. Did you ever spend a second on thinking about the possibility to delete this information. You almost can’t. Once a piece of information hits the web, it stays there. Even you delete it (but try to find the ‘delete my account’ button first) it is still in a cache somewhere else.

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