OSDC 2008

Half way through the conference (link),inclusive of one day Google Hackathon. A developer conference like this one offers a wide variety of characters and looks, some of them confirming the usual bias stereotype picture that non-techy people have of geeks, prgrammers and techies with long hairs and T-Shirts with some kind of IT related statement though. There are no ties and suits but lots of passionate guys (and few gals) following the various techy tracks. Amazing enough, I never saw so many people typing aways on some sort of shells and terminals on Linux or MAC Notebooks (Windoos?) during the session
and occasionally looking up and asking questions. There is also the usual religious discussions, views and jokes about the various OS and programming languages and specifically about open source against propietary software or companies supporting it or not.

On the first day, during the Google Hackathon, I get my hands dirty on Googles Social API, Google Maps and the Apps Engine. For the rest of the time there are at almost any time at least 3 different talks, sessions or presentations going on and to choose from. Some rather generic topics, some so narrow and focused on a certain feature, that you wont carry away a lot if you are not into it.
Among the highlight of this years conference so far were they keynotes by Larry Wall (the brain behind Perl, see Wikipedia link) and Chirs DiBona from Google California (handling some opensource related licensing stuff).
So bias we are occasionally towards developer and geeks, so much I enjoyed some of the very entertaining and teaching sessions, not to talk about the Lightning Talks which are an experience of a kind !

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