On Domain Names

My very first domain I “bought” (what is the proper term ? “rented”) somewhere in 1998. It was fairly easy because there wre many names to choose from (.de and .com), apart from company and citynames. We fast forward to today >> A netcraft survey states there are 188,000,000 websites (own domain name, not counting subdomains or myspace homepages) around.

December 2008 Netcraft survery
December 2008 Netcraft survery

I am not sure if this quantity really reflect an increase of quality or the increase of available information. I wish there would be a way to make statistic on how many sites are spam, redirect-sites or name-hogging sites. My personal guess is 50%.

Make an experiment: Lets say you want to register a new domain for whatever new company or product you just invented. Try to find an available domain name (.com / .net. / .biz /.info) ! You wont find any, either you randomly start hacking 10 characters on the keyboard.

Any word from the dictionary is taken ! Also any combination of dictionary words and words like:
system, systems,web,agile,new,log, net,123,24,360,my

It seems the big hogging companies like sedo running bots looking for unused words and combination’s and reserve them.

Most stupid web domain names that I came across:


and so on and so on …….


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