JUG (Java User Group) Singapore

I was recently ranting about a missing Singapore Java User Group. There is some information about previous groups but they appear dead. I try to start a new one… I considered to use meetup.com but I am not really willing to pay money for this. Sorry.
I am not a Java Guru or expert, but that wont stop me to organize something.

Netbeans Wiki Info

The SUN Techdays (20.22 Jan 2009) would be a good starting point.

6 thoughts on “JUG (Java User Group) Singapore

  1. If you need help to organize any regular event on JUG, contact me. I am eager to see Singapore JUG become active as much as JUG in other countries. I can provide free presentation/training session on Java EE 🙂

  2. Hey Sven,

    I know this post is extremely old, but is there a Singapore JUG by now? Or something similar? I’m on the lookout for Java communities in South East Asia.

    Cheers from Vietnam

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