SUN Techdays Singapore 2009 résumé

2 days packed with sessions, demos and hands-on labs ! It was a SUN event, and SUN folks also learned to celebrate themselves with loud music and big-bang entertaining keynotes. Fine with me, part of the show. Obviously everything evolved around SUN technology and everything they support.

The products, technology and key/buzzwords were clearly:

  • Cloudcomputing
  • Open Source
  • Open Solaris
  • Virtual Box
  • Netbeans
  • Glassfish
  • MySQL
  • JavaFX

Most of the sessions were useful, or at least you got an overview of some new stuff or ideas.The hands-on labs were not as good because the trainer(s) needed to spend some of the time helping people to install Netbeans or xyz plugins (which is an audience problem) and beyond that is not useful to let the attending folks read the instructions from a zip-file and DIY while the trainer is available for questions (in Singapore hardly anyone ask anything).
It is always good for networking (and free food) to join these kind of conferences. Btw, the conference fee was 80.- SGD for 2 days (hands-on lab extra 50.- SGD each)

My highlights:

  • Simon Ritter (blog) presenting Wii Remote with JavaFX and SunSpots Technology (link)
  • Carol MacDonald (blog) on JMaki, Comet, Grizzly and EJB (Spring vs. Seam vs.  plain JPA)


  • I will join the next TechDays.
  • I am installing OpenSolaris right now on a notebook (after checking with device detection tool, link).
  • I will continue to use the SUN (related) products that I already use (Netbeans, Glassfish, MySQL, Virtual Box)

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