Starting with JavaFX

For 2009 I decided one of the new technologies to poick up would be JavaFX. Always interested in RIA, only now I can stay in the Java family creating fancier applications than with Swing only. JavaFX is not matured yet, even it is released for production as version 1.0. I guess there is lot of stuff coming up with future releases. On of the catches currently is th elack of IDE that lets you visually creates JavaFX applications, you still need to create more or less manually the objects (buttons, textbox,..) on the screen. But I am 100% sure that some upcoming release of Netbeans or a plugin will allow this similar to place javabeans on a JSF page.

How to get started ? There are some pages with downloads and tutorials that I already listed in earlier posts (JavaFX 1.0 released, JavaFX Get Started ). Today I want to highlight 2 additional resources that are worth visiting.

  • James Weavers JavaFX Blog (link)
  • The JavaFX Online Seminar (free) by Sang Shin and James Weaver on (link).
    A very different approach of training because it is rather online and not with fancy webinars or webcasts, but providing all materials allowing you work at your own pace anytime. I will try this !

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