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I ordered the Google Android development phone today. I strongly believe in the open concept of hardware devices like the Pandora (link) or Sun Spot (link) other than iPhone or the MS XBOX as proprietary products  forcing you to join commercial membership and developer programs. I evaluate mobile devices in regards of business applications with RIA (aka REA) technology.

You need to join the Android Market Program (25 U$) in order to order the development phone for 399 U$ (shipment and duties to Singapore about 80 U$). The development unit is hardware unlocked, means you can make changes to the underlying OS and SIM-unlocked, to load with any SIM card.  The only other source for the phone is German T-Mobile, which offers the Android (SIM-, and hardware-locked) at a cheaper contract-lock-in price.

Google Android (copyright by

Google Android (copyright by

Some useful links:

  • The official Android Website (link)
  • The Dev Phone 1 specs (link)
  • SDK and Developer-Tools (link)
  • Youtube videos by the development team (link)
  • Netbeans plugin for Android Development (link)
  • Google Groups Beginner (link) and advanced developer (link)

Until the device arrives I will spend some time on getting started and using the SDK with Netbeans plugin.

Remark: Not sure if I also manage to get JavaFX running on the Android, we will see.

Update: Spending some time reading various documents and forums I understand the background. Android is executing Dalvik byte code (wiki-link) and as long JavaFX cannot be compiled as such, it wont run. Guess it is not a impossible task, waiting for someone to do it (rather a Android hardware manufacturers job to trigger it)

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