CeBIT 2009

Just returned from a Germany trip, in case you wondered about the silence in the last 2 weeks..

“Running from 2009 March 3rd to 8th in Hannover (Germany), the CEBIT is the biggest IT Exhibition worldwide and marketplace for digital solutions, trends and innovations. This year 4.300 companies from 69 countries show latest technology and complete new or updated established products.”

That would be the more marketing styled phrase to describe the CeBIT in 1 sentence. Since I traveled to Germany around the same time, I visited the CeBIT in Hannover. It took me the wole day (inclusive of travel time 2x 3,5h) and about 21o,- Euro for DB ticket and entrance fee. I haven’t been there for 10 years and learned the same lesson again (maybe for another 10 years?). If you dont have specific booths to check out, maybe to see/touch un-released or future products, or meet up with a partner or supplier company, it is waste of time ! There is no point walking around for hours between the x halls to pass by a myriad of products and even collect tons of brochures. Most of the information you could retrieve easily on the web. Other than the Singapore IT shows, you cant buy anything at the CeBIT.

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