14 thoughts on “How to reset Android without setting back to factory settings

  1. Thanks for sharing this. In froyo I don’t see Google Apps so what I did was go to the calendar app and just clear that data. It was 17Mb. After clearing and re sync it was down to about 400k only. Much faster now!

      • im using htc android dev phone 1. its my bro. he is dead now. so im using it. but i cant sign in as it asks the password. is there is any way i can reset the mobile? or sign in into my account. please reply me. im waiting.

  2. I have a problem syncing my eris with ginger tazz. Instead of not installing apps, I can’t open the android market,it force closes. Any way to get it to open?

  3. after playing with the android phone pattern password, it locked and wants one to login the user name and password but i have forgotten both of them coz i rarely use the phone’s internet and disabled long time ago. now i cant access my phone, help!!!!

  4. When ever I try to open android market, I seen a message to sign in to Google account, which I have forgotten unfortunately, Now how I can change my present google account to a new one………….Any Idea…

  5. I solved the issue.

    After 5 weeks with android marked stalled “downloading” an application. I followed the steps in this post and nothing. I figured out that there was some script that was trying to download a program with a bad username-password. I rooted my samsung galaxy and with the ssh droid (luckily I installed before this) I get in the system as root with ssh). Finally I find a file named downloads.db on the following path: /dbdata/databases/com.android.providers.downloads
    I renamed the file (you could erase it with rm downloads.db) and voilá the problem was gone!

    I used ssh because, for some reason, I couldn’t mount the phone on my PC (I’m using linux). If you could mount it you could go directly (been root)n to the path above and delete downloads,db.



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