Code Review and Collaboration

So far I did not suceed finding an online code collaboration tool for code review that is embedded in Netbeans. Except the collab plugin which requires a XMPP server (which I installed but NB not really willing to log into it and rewarding me with errors). I found another tools which is not embedded in Netbeans but an editor by itself: GOBBY (link).
It supports several team members working on the same (text) file and comes with a chat. One needs to start in host mode, so no server is required. It runs both under Windows and Linux. Unfortunately I did not manage to make the Windows version talk to a Linux host.
It still works ok for me because I can share a file (from my Netbeans project) by opening it directly in Gobby. Once the changes are made and you go back to Netbeans, the IDE will update the modified file.

Gobby Collaboration Editor

Gobby Collaboration Editor

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