Jazoon 2009: Day 2

Skipping the keynote I joined the following sessions:

  • Securing AJAX Applications by Moritz Kuhn and Philipp Färber from AdNovum Informatik AG
  • A complete Tour of JSF 2.0 (again by Ed Burns)
  • SLF4J and logback by Ceki Gülcü from QOS.CH. I will definitely look at this logging framework soon as an powerful alternative to standard java.util.logging (link)
  • Short introduction to JavaFX Rich Internet Applications connecting to GlassFish Java EE 5 services by Ludovic Champenois from Sun Microsystems.
  • Gaming with JavaFX: Developing the Next Generation of Casual Games

New to Jazoon was the Jazoon Rookie Contest, where the 3 choosen finalists presenteded their concepts, ideas or application. This years winners is João Arthur Brunet Monteiro with quite an impressive wizard to verify sourcecode against design conventions (read more at jazoon.com).The day ended with Jazoon Party.

More info on Jazoon 2009 at jazoon.com.

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