Jazoon 2009: Day 3

Last day of this years Jazoon.

  • The Android Runtime Environment by Joerg Pleumann from Noser Engineering (which contribute a lot to the Android codebase)
  • Android Application Model by Dominik Gruntz
  • Ed Burns on JavaEE and JavaFX integration. Entertaining and interesting as usual. Thanks Ed !
  • Daniel Seiler on the ZK Ajax framework. Thanks for the confirmation of my choice of framework.

My final resume and feedback:

  • A very good location in terms of conference room quality, since this is a movie theatre with great accoustic and projection.
  • Good mix of topics and tracks. Anyone who is doing something with Java will find his cup of tea (eeer.. Java).
  • Some “famous” folks to get hands on them and discuss face to face.
  • As in all conferences: some speakers cannot present. Sorry to say so. It is boring to read slides with tons of text.
  • Not enough wireless “plugins”. Seems some of the attendees were operating datacentres during the conference and hacking away during the whole time. Thanks for not sharing wireless space.
  • Maybe a bit too expensive, but location, catering and speakers cost money I guess.
  • I will join this event again next year.

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