Project: Visualizing Trac Wiki Pages (Part 1)

We are using Trac as Wiki and after a couple of months using it as main know-how repository, we tend to loose the overview of the myriad of pages and how they are linked to each other. A graph representing the relation between the pages would be very useful.

I could not find any plugin or tool, so it would be a good exercise to create a tool that convert a trac wiki into a graph.


  • Use Java or Groovy. I choose Groovy because less boilerplate for standard tasks, such as creating xml, reading text files, etc.
  • XML-RPC to access the wiki directly. I tried to create a mockup in Java, but failed due to the cryptic error messages and hard to debug.
  • Trac backup to retrieve wiki data: You can create a backup in form of an INSERT sql file containing the complete structure of the wiki (inclusive of non-user content and all revisions of the wiki. I choose this as a starting point until I get the XML-RPC problem solved (maybe in Groovy).
  • Visualization in JGraph, InfoVis, Prefuse or other toolkits. I decide for Prefuse because it is feature complete, powerful and I created simple applications previously.

Current Implementation:

  • A simple Groovy script that works in 2 stages, a) reading and processing the sql backup file and b) creating a xml file that my prefuse viewer can display.

Future Plans:

  • Create a standalone SwingXBuilder application
  • Create a Netbeans Plugin

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