Project: Visualizing Trac Wiki Pages (Part 2)

More information before we start with the implementation:

Graph requirements:

  • Display all wikipages as nodes
  • Show direction (links are uni-directional)

Option Requirements:

  • Highlight direct connected wikipages
  • Display content (in separate browser window)

Wiki Graph

The XML for prefuse graphs look like this sample (our groovy script needs to produce this):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><graphml xmlns="">
 <graph edgedefault="directed">
 <key id="wname" for="node""wname" attr.type="string"/>
 <node id="1">
 <data key="wname">WikiStart</data>
 <node id="2">
 <data key="wname">IdeOverview</data>
 <node id="3">
 <data key="wname">JavaEE</data>
 <edge source="1" target="3"/>
 <edge source="1" target="4"/>
 <edge source="1" target="5"/>
 <edge source="1" target="6"/>
 <edge source="1" target="7"/>
 <edge source="1" target="13"/>
 <edge source="3" target="4"/>

The prefuse xml file contains the metadata for the nodes, all nodes and all edges linking the nodes.

Using the backup function of Trac we need to process input like this sample:

INSERT INTO "wiki" VALUES('wikiPage1',2,1246948793,'user','',' * MySQL on Server xyz * Evaluate Firebird and Oracle. (schema and timestamp issue)','',0);

The SQL file contains the complete wiki content. Following the sample we need to filter with

  • type: INSERT INTO ‘wiki’ (filter out all others)
  • page title: ‘wikiPage1
  • version: ‘2‘ (search for the highest version)
  • wiki user: ‘user‘ (filter out all ‘trac’ entries)
  • content: ‘* MySQL on Server xyz * Evaluate Firebird and Oracle. (schema and timestamp issue)

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