News on Sun goes Oracle

After months of rumors, speculation and fears of loosing products, tools, jobs and world freedom, Oracle announced their strategy in form of a webcast. Still not confirmed but presented as their current plans and intentions. From the technical tools cast (Oracle link, not sure why you need to resize the browser !?!?!) my main points:

  • Netbeans to be continued with the same team and the same setup towards the community. Collaborating with the JDeveloper and Eclipse plugin team.
  • Kenai to die (aka becomes internal). I just started to place my tutorial projects there, time again, to move back to SourceForge or launchpad or github.

Find the other recorded webcasts here (Oracle link).

My personal view: It is still 100% finalized, even short-term changes might not be dramatic, but over time changes will come and I wont like the introduction of enterprise features here and there for  $$$, while a community edition becomes just good enough for students.

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