Migrating a ZK363 to a ZK500 Web Project

The ZK Ajax framework is embedded into Netbeans as a plugin since a couple of previous releases of ZK. Now with ZK500 out for a couple of weeks, you might want to migrate your projects to the latest version. This short tutorial describes the most simple scenario: Migrating a Java EE6 project. If you need to migrate from Java EE5 or earlier, you will have more work to do, even per default, the Java EE5 will run on Glassfish V3 (as Java EE6 reference server).

Excursion: Install the ZK 5.0 plugin (for those who haven’t done it yet)
Note, you can install (or keep) both versions of the plugin.

  • Download the plugin file from sf.net (link). File: net-sf-rem500.nbm
  • Open Tools|Plugin|Downloaded

    Netbeans Plugins

  • Add Plugins

    Select plugin file to install

    ZK 5.0 Plugin

    Validation Warning


Short Tutorial:  Migration to ZK 5.0 Library
This covers a very sample project, there is no guarantee your migrated (and maybe complex web) application will work 100% with the new release. If you have an automated test and build system running, you should find out fast.

  • Open your existing web project based on ZK3.6.3
  • Open Project Properties | Libraries


  • Add Library

    Available Libraries

  • Import Library

    Import new Library

  • Both library versions now included, delete the old one

    ZK Libraries

  • Delete the library files (in case you have them in a local lib folder)

    Lib Folder

  • Clean and build, deploy and test your application. That should be all.


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