Netbeans + JIRA

If you run JIRA as bugtracker you can integrate with Netbeans easily. Being previously a plugin, the JIRA connector is now a almost pre-installed bugtracker (it still will download some files).

  • Activate JIRA
    Right-click Issue Trackers|Create Issue Tracker..

    Add Issue Tracker

    Download JIRA files

    Restart IDE

  • Create a new Issue Tracker
    Right-click Issue Trackers|Create Issue Tracker..

    JIRA Account

    Validate the connection. Out of the box you might get an error “jira rpc services are not enabled”

  • Activate JIRA RCP Services
    Login as admin to your JIRA server | adminstration | General Configuration
    Check the Accept remote API calls setting
    Change it if required (Edit configuration)

    JIRA Configuration

    Change settings

  • Now you should be able to validate and also to access the tracker. Right-click | Add issue..| Find..

    JIRA Isues


5 thoughts on “Netbeans + JIRA

  1. we are using hosted jira with oauth. Do you know if it is possible to connect using the netbeans jira plugin? I’ve tried using they settings you’ve provided with no luck so far

  2. You can’t integrate easily, if your jira uses ssl and requires a certificate, the plugin does not support this–Any update on this? My JIRA server uses SSL, so netbeans doesn’t allow to contact to server, instead it returns HTTP 500 status

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