Eclipse throws ‘Debug Certificate Expired’

Suddenly Eclipse started throwing this error at me while doing Android development.

Error generating final archive: Debug Certificate expired on 7/10/10 4:34 PM AndroTest Unknown Android Packaging Problem

The Android SDK generates a debug certificate which is only valid for 365 days, not quite what that is for, but to get rid of the problem:

Delete the file ~/home/.android/debug.keystore

Plus clean your project (Project|Clean..)

Afterwards you should be fine and also find a new debug.keystore (for the next 365 days)


30 thoughts on “Eclipse throws ‘Debug Certificate Expired’

  1. First came here from Google search and but no location details on Windows machine.
    Got the location from Stackoverflow. %USERPROFILE%/.android
    Probably i should switch over to Linux variant permanently.

    Thanks anyway.

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  3. Add me as another to thank you for this simple problem (had been playing with Android dev but stopped for a year there, and pow the problem occurred!). For those wondering where the debug.keystore is on Win7, it’s under /User/yourusername/.android (I know someone else clarified this, but they pointed you to %USERPROFILE% which isn’t instantly understood).

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  5. Oops now I get “Re-installation failed due to different application signatures. The must perform a full uninstall of of the application. WARNING: This will remove the application data! Please execute ‘adb uninstall in a shell.

    The catch is I don’t want to loose my data. I wish there was a better way of doing this!

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