Hudson Plugin’s of the day

I really enjoy using Hudson as CI platform every day. It is open, it is vastly extensible, has a great community support and not to forget the outstanding job by Kohsuke to create Hudson and lay out the foundation of this ecosystem. There is always more to learn, find new ways to do jobs with Hudson, maybe that is the reason why there is no book yet about Hudson. I just want to highlight 3 very simple plugins that make life easer:

  • Build Timeout (link)
    I have some jobs that take a long time, mainly because they transfer artifacts to S3 and deploy applications to test and demo servers. Once in a while I run into timeouts or hanging batch scripts which will make the complete job haning. If you dont notice you start creating a build queue. This plugin terminates a job if it extends the configurable time limit.

    Build Timeout

  • Time Stamper (link)
    With lon running jobs if would be helpful when which task started and how long it took to finish. The plugin does nothing but putting a timestamp in front of each line of the console output.

    Time Stamper

  • FTP Publisher (link)
    For simple file transfers you might want to try this plugin instead of batch script coding the transfer.

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