Backup of domains in Glassfish V3

This CLI asadmin function is not available for 3.0.1. All you get is

glassfish@ubuntu:/opt/app-server/bin$ ./asadmin backup-domain
CLI194 Previously supported command: backup-domain is not supported for this release.

It is planned to come back in the upcoming version 3.1. (link)

I tried to migrate a domain from server A to server B (same glassfish release) by copying the complete domain folder (10.000 plus files!). It did not work either.

ERROR: Error creating archive. ( /var/xyz/xyzdomain/osgi-cache/felix/bundle1/version0.-1/revision.location (No such file or directory))

Error starting domain

Right now no choice other than creating the domain again and redo the manual settings before deploying the application.


One thought on “Backup of domains in Glassfish V3

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