Android Tablet: Palladine Palroid

Getting more into Android development made me look out for tablet style Android. The Android tablet boom is just starting and every other week you find a new device. I went to Sitex 2010 in Singapore and bought a Palladine Palroid for 339.- SGD.  Palladine is a Singapore based company producing screens, now venturing into the tablet business. I assume the Palroid’s are (partly) manufactured in China and final assembled and quality checked in Singapore. Right now there is not much info about the device in the web yet. Here a few first impressions out of the box:


Palroid Box


Palroid Box

Palroid Box

Whats in the box ?

Palroid Keyboard

In the box you find the device, a pouch, a stylus pen, a earphone, a mini HDMI wire, charger and 2 USB wires.

We need to be reasonable while judging the device and its quality. It comes at the entry level price and dont compare it straightforward with a Android device 3 times more expensive like the DELL.

Some quick facts upon first glance:

  • Despite its price the device and the body looks OK. Nicely build casing.
  • Memory 256 MB
  • Build-in 8GB for your files, plus SD card slot.
  • No camera or GPS.
  • No phone function or SIM card slot.
  • Battery is build-in.
  • You van use it out-of-the box, it comes with some selected pre-installed applications. I could watch movies on the spot, open Excel sheets and read PDF’s.
  • It comes with Android 2.1 (means there is NO flash in your browser).
  • It comes with Android Market and you can download lots and lots of applications that work with 2.1
  • Use the HDMI wire to connect it to your Full HD TV.
  • The touchscreen is a bit sluggish, but you get used to it or use the stylus (strangely the device has no “hole” to put the stylus in, so loosing the stylus is one of the first things that happen to you)

My recommendation:  If you want an Android on a shoestring and just do simple things like reading, watch movies, simple games,.. Go for it. If you expect a lot with the style factor of an iPad and smooth touchscreen, you need to pay more !

I am charging the device and will update you with more results and facts soon. Stay tuned !

10 thoughts on “Android Tablet: Palladine Palroid

  1. Hi There,

    Very interested to hear more from you on this palroid.
    I just bought one too on and trying to play around with this one. I am quite keen to get the source code for this device.
    Do you have any idea on how to go about that?
    Btw, are you sure that there is no GPS. It did manage to show the correct location to me using the Maps application.

    more later,

    • No GPS included. You can “coarse grain” find your location by using wireless access points (aka IP address).
      Source: It is the standard Android OS (of course adopted to hardware). Palladine licensed from Google, but no familiar with the legal MamboJumbo.
      You want to create app’s or hack the OS level: For both you go here

  2. Got 1 too.. loving it.. especially for viewing movies..

    1 issue with my set which i was wondering if yrs is similiarly affected..
    the g-sensor for the y-axis is reversed..
    really difficult for games which require the accelerometer.. 😦

    hope yrs is ok… 🙂

    • Just tried Labyrinth. Unusable, pretty much random reaction on orientation changes. Should try a level app to see how the g-sensor behaves.

    • I saw this before on a Nexus One. I am guessing though, the video might have a corrupted index. Did you try a different movie of same or different format ?

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