The Palroid Experience

The Palladine Palroid

More feedback after a few hours Palroid (Please stay reasonable, it is a cheap device, I just summarize my experience to keep your expectations right):

  • The wireless connection keeps on dropping (less than 5m to the wireless router). Also after each stdby need to disconnect (or rather switch off wireless) and switch on / connect again.
  • Running Android 2.1. What I heard it is unlikely they will release an upgrade to 2.2 (rumor?). Android 3.0 is targeting Tablets (rumor?), means early next year with have an outdated device. But this faith is shared by other actual Android devices as well.
  • Adobe Flash: Because Flash was introduced for Android 2.2 only, you dont have it on the Palroid. There are some websites that describe a way to load it onto 2.1 devices (eg. link here). I tried, it does NOT work.
  • System Performance: It is a simple CPU, Telechips 8902 Processor (800mhz). OK while doing one thing, but certain cpu intensive actions, like installing apps, slows down the whole device dramatically.
  • Battery: I cant judge battery runtime yet, but the battery level is updated in steps of 10%. After fully charged, it jumped straight down to 80% and 50% within 45min of use.
  • Development: No problem, I connected via USB and I could load and debug applications with Eclipse (also ddms, adb,..)

    DDMS Screenshot

  • Charging: It cant charge via USB. You need to use power adapter.
  • External drives: You cant connect external harddisk. It wont recognize it, it tries to mount as sd card. This is not a Paldroid issue, but an Android OS thing ! Not impossible though, check this link.

15 thoughts on “The Palroid Experience

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing the valuable information.

    I also own a set of this (got it on the first 2 days after it’s launch at Challenger).

    It says it can be connected to “selected” 3G dongles. I got two which one is among the “selected” list. No luck to connect the 3G dongle for internet purpose so far. Do you encounter the same problem? Hope you would be able to helps. (I have contacted Palladine and from all the advices from them…still no luck).

    Also, just to share about upgrading to 2.2. Palladine confirmed by email to me that IT WILL NOT BE upgraded to 2.2. Reason simply the hardware was designed for 2.1. So, personally I was quite disappointed.



  2. For the 3G connection, try it with the Huawei dongles. I did try with Starhub and Singtel dongles and it works….
    yeah…i think it is really disappointing to hear that they do not plan to upgrade to Android 2.2…and reason given is really lame…there are all the devices in the market for android 2.1 and they are easily being upgraded for android 2.2. I have not asked them yet but plan to check with them.

    • Hi Ural,

      What made is the Singtel dongle that you are using? I tried without much luck and even with M1’s dongle too. I get Palroid supports to guide me true and all failed.

      Could you let me know the steps that you successfully connect the Singtel dongle, so that I could try again.

      I am also trying to get Palroid to let me know the OEM hardware specs of the device and hopefully try to find an upgrade to 2.2 but their advice just as lame and avoided my questions. Anyone of you know the spec?

      Lastly, did you install Angry Birds on the device? When the game starts us, there are many white patches and couldn’t see the wordings although the game can still be played. I tried installing Angry Birds on my friend’s Galaxy Tab and no such issue. Could it be the Eclair 2.1 issue? Any advice?

      Thanks in advance.


      • Hi David,

        I tried both Starhub and Singtel dongles and both were working within few seconds after i plugged it in.
        I just know that it is based on tcc8902. let me know if you manage to get more information from palroid.
        I have not tried Angel Birds. Let me give a try. will let you know.

      • Hi Ural,

        What I mean it which brand/model of 3G dongle are you using from Singtel? E.g. Huawei model? If the dongle model that you are using is the same as mine, than I believe I unit might be having problem. If so, I will bring down to Palladine to troubleshoot it.

        Appreciate it if you could let me know the brand and model of the 3G dongle you are using from Singtel.



  3. hi all
    same problem angry birds not working properly (e.g the word buttons are just white patches but game works fine) can anyone confirm if this device is upgradeble to andriod 2.2?
    thanks 🙂

  4. hi ural,
    any ideas why the palroid cannot play any videos including youtube. there is sound from the video but no image at all just a black screen with sound.
    any ideas? thanks!

  5. Hi all, mod is already available for other TCC8092 devices like Apad M701. Since Palroid is still base, really thought of upgrading on mine. A gamble to see if it would perform better. Anyone out there already upgrade it? If so, care to show how and the result after upgrading to 2.2.1? – David

    • Think good chance to render a completely useless device (if it fails). Is there a way to “backup” the current state ? Otherwise I wouldnt mind to experiment with it.

  6. I have discovered, by chance, that the charger for my Palroid could be used to charge my old Palm Tungsten E. This is good news for me because I think I have a USB charging cable (or connector) for that somewhere.

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