The Palroid Experience: Games

Trying a few games

  • Angry Birds (following the discussion in the earlier post)
    Screen rendering does not work 

    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds

  • Labyrinth Lite
    The accelerometer is upside down, both axis are exchanged. 

    Labyrinth Lite

  • Graviturn Extended
    One axis is reversed. But playable.

    Graviturn Extended

  • Sniper
    Also one axis reversed. Guess this applies to all accelerometer games. Is there a way to configure this on the OS level ?


3 thoughts on “The Palroid Experience: Games

  1. Hi, I got the same problem with Angry Birds, did not try the other games though. The wifi keeps dropping just like your review. Battery sucks. Only chargeable using the provided charger. But overall its quite a good deal, using it as a book reader, media player and browser. Just wish there’s an easy way to reconnect the wifi after it drops. I tried switching off the wifi radio and back on again but it does not work. Needs to reboot, but that sucks out 20% of battery life. Wish it can standby without the massive battery drain too.

    Overall for $300, with a keyboard bundled in, its worth the trouble.

  2. The wifi keeps dropping on mine too, but I’m “lucky” that turning the wifi off and on gets the wifi working again. You’ll want to install a wifi toggle for easy access though.

    Another problem is that the programs are very prone to crashing, sometimes taking down the entire device. Image-heavy webpages seem to be a particular problem for the built-in web browser.

    Think of this as a portable media player/ebook reader with the occasional internet access and this device is fine. Think of it as an internet device and it’s a disaster.

    I suppose it’s too much to ask for Palladine to get a firmware update to fix these problems?

  3. My opinion: I think Palladine is a screen manufacturer (maybe the reason to add a HDMI port), they don’t seem to have much idea about mobile or handheld device domain. Just look at their website that covers the product ( They just purchase it from the source and re-label it. I am sure it will be a one shot, without future devices following.
    The Wifi problem is the show-stopper for me (Maybe I create a little Wifi On/Off app). Also looking at big pdf’s (complete books with images) is a pain.
    Forget the firmware update, maybe can look at a custom-made firmarew like (not sure if it works with Palroid).

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