Android 2.3 released

Just noticed Gingerbread is coming to town since yesterday ! A bunch of new API stuff, such as SIP, NFC, multiple cameras and more. Read all the details here.
Now, the usual questions come up:

  • When we gonna see the first native 2.3 device ?
  • Will my device be supported / updated ? (Is Nexus One going to be updated ?)
  • Did you see a device with NCF reader ? (near-field communication)
  • and when we see Android 3.0 ? Will there be a Android 2.4 before ?

According to some news, Gingerbread will be “pushed” to Nexus One owners in the next few weeks.

The Nexus S is going to be the next official Google Phone (Samsung this time!), available after December 16 (doesnt seem to be available through shipping like the previous models)

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