The first 24 hours in the Android App Market

I have a few concepts and ideas in mind for Android applications, some require more knowledge about the platform, some require a proper datasource and some require more time. But still I was very curious how the market works. I didnt want to add another Test or Hello World app to the market, because it is mere market spam. So what is the most simple app you could think of  ? A button that counts ! With a complexity level slightly above “Hello World”. Never mind, I created a 2-button counting app named CountRoid to learn about the physics of the market publishing process. I spare you the description how to do it, it is well documented and easy.

Just some observations:

  • The new application immediately showed up as Just In under Tools, also on the market browser Androidzoom. A few minutes of fame being the first in the list.
  • After 10 minutes another 20 applications showed up in front of me. One day later I cant find it anymore (after giving up scrolling down any longer).
  • In the first few hours zero downloads (are we surprised ? You search for counter or count and you find dozens of more or less fancy counting apps)
  • There are counting apps that cost money !
  • After 24 hours 21 downloads ! How did they find it ? (we will never know). But from  a statistics point of view quite realistic. 300.000 new Android activation every day, so there is a chance someone comes across my app.

I need seriously start thinking about a roadmap for the app ! And if you are completely crazy about counting stuff, go ahead and search for countroid. Its free 1! And there will be no paid advanced version in the future. Unlimited counting !

Android Market

Countroid on Android Market

@ Androidzoom

After 24 hours

CountRoid Screenshot

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