Thoughts on Android Tablets

  • The tablets are becoming, actually they are already, the new hype, no doubt. There will be more coming this year, specifically with Android 3.0 to be launched this year. Even I wonder how much in advance a hardware manufacturer gets his hand on the OS, to be able to release a device in reasonable time after the launch of 3.0.
  • Rumors (link) say there might be a hardware restriction for 3.0. That will really make a lot of devices out-dated immediately.
  • There are many tablets running 2.1, lots from China at a low price. They are certainly not update-able to 2.2 or higher. Waste of money.

    China Tablets

  • The few serious (and more expensive) devices are Viewsonic, Samsung and Toshiba, all running 2.2. Will they be able to run 2.3 ? Or even 3 ? The Samsung Galaxy Tab is sold at almost 1000S$ without contract. This device potentially renders old stuff in 6 months time.
  • Why does any device with 3G costs cost 200..300S$ more or is only available with a telco contract ?
  • Toshiba AS100 and other market-less devices: Why in the world are they selling devices without App Market ? How much sense does it make to have a device and you cant add applications ?

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