Very Final Thoughts on Palladine Palroid

The device sucks big time, I just started a new trend: Android Tablet Tossing !  I might repeat some of the previous feedback here, but I need to summarize again to warn anyone to buy it:

  • Wireless is extremely unstable and keeps on dropping, forcing one to toggle wireless or sometime restart the whole device.
  • Stand-by drains the battery in less than 4 hours.
  • The screen is very draggy and becomes unusable after a while of use. Starting various applications makes the device slow down even more (it usually ends up with 20MB free memory), the only remedy is killing running apps regularly. Even clicking sometimes becomes a nightmare because of the un-responsive screen..
  • The only thing you can do, is watching movies. But it is very troublesome to interrupt a movie (with the default player), being forced to switch off to preserve energy and later switch on again to continue your movie.
    You cant watch more than 2 regular movies with one battery load.
    Remedy: Look for mvideoplayer (link), it supports bookmarks and autosave the last position of the movie you watch.
  • No, you cant use it for PDF’s. Open any serious book (with few drawings or illustrations) and it becomes impossible to navigate or move forward/backward.
  • You need to carry around the powerplug in order to charge, no USB charging.
  • Not to forget 2.1 and definitely not being updated to 2.2.

It is not fair to compare it with the Samsung Galaxy Tab that I tested earlier today, but it is way smoother and faster.


2 thoughts on “Very Final Thoughts on Palladine Palroid

  1. Yeah, the Palroid is a pretty awful device. I’ve been tempted to turn it into a frisbee quite a few times too.

    I’ve noticed that the wifi gets disconnected more often when memory gets low, usually because of the various apps running in the background. You really can’t run more than one or two apps before the whole thing freezes up.

    Here’s how I’ve managed to turn it to an almost useable Net surfing device:

    1. Uninstall any app you don’t use. The Palroid I got was loaded up with tonnes of apps that I have little interest in. The problem was that they loaded up in the background on startup, and even if you try to kill them they come back up every once in a while. There was some stock monitoring app in particular which kept loading and killing my wifi connection.

    2. Install Opera Mini. The standard web-browser will crash on you. I’ve tried other browsers like Dolphin and they crashed too. As it is proxy-based, Opera Mini is mostly stable on the Palroid.

    3. On start-up, kill all apps. Kill all apps whenever your Palroid and/or its wifi act up.

    4. Install a wifi toggle app or load the built-in wifi widget. You will need this when the wifi disconnects.

    5. Do not try to make the Youtube app play HQ videos by default. Stick with normal mode. In my experience the Palroid wifi can’t handle HQ.

    I’m not kidding myself that the above makes it any more acceptable a device, but at least it seems to crash less often. On a good day I’ve managed to stay on the Net using Opera Mini for over an hour without disconnecting.

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