Thoughts about Android Apps

  • While the official Google Android Market (web) still remains lame and lacks of features, I stay with AndroidZoom ! It is fast with updates too, I just uploaded my sample application 0.4 of CountRoid and the page reflected the update within minutes after the upload in the market.


  • It is amazing to observe what app find their way into the market and in what quality level they show up. It is an open system, any app that does not conflict with basic laws will stay in the market. No censorship for quality, design or usefulness. Some samples:
    • Games: Despite living in the year 2011 with game consoles almost perfectly simulating reality, mobile users are happy with games that roughly meet Commodore C64 standards from 1983. I dont want to offend any developer, like myself, often good developer are not necessary good designer with often poor graphic design results. But lets look how popular these apps are.

      Android Games (2011)

      This games makes you jump the little hangman from his swing. If it lands on the moving platform, you get points. The figur is not animated whil jumping or landing, only the physics seem to be correct.
      No offense, but this might be a nice programming tutorial, but why is it downloaded >250.000 times and get almost 3.000 ratings (some even good ones) ?

      C64 Hangman 1983

    • Tutorial Games: You search for the term “chain reaction” in the market and you will find about 500+ games of the exact same type. You have some floating objects on the screen and once you touch one of them, any other will explode/pop if it touches the initial one, like a chemical chain reaction. Some of the developer even bother to upload the same game with varying names 20 times. Being all free, does not make much sense to me

      Chain Reaction Games

      Chain Reaction Games

      I suspect some of the developer accounts are run by the same person, hoping to make some bucks with the ads placed in the app. I consider this as market spam, they even push uploads every few days without any changes, I guess to show up in the “new apps” section. The description is always the same (“XYZ is an addictive game. Click the screen to start a chain reaction and try to boost as many xyz as needed to pass a level.”), I suspect someone created a submit-app bot.
      If you feel the urge to add one more chain reaction app: Here the sourcecode at google code.

    • Air Attack
      Another game that is graphically very simple but obviously still addictive (I play it too). There are 2 version (free with ads and one for 1CHF without ads). Hard to believe it was bought 10.000 to 50.000 times. That should challenge more people to go apps development, I wouldnt mind 25.000,- extra cash. 

      Air Attack

    • On the other side is plain amazing what kind of games the big shops like EA get out on the Android, just look at Asphalt HD

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