Android Samsung Galaxy Tab Alternative

I believe it makes no sense to buy a ~ 900.- SGD (3g, GPS), respectively a 500.- SGD (wifi only) device running Android 2.2 without any chance even to update to 2.3, such as the Galaxy Tab, the same time Galaxy is releasing already the new 3.0 based models. So how to find a cheap device that can compete with the Galaxy Tab ?
After buying one Android 10″ Tablet from without problems I decided to look for a second one, a 7″ device. Certainly not easy to find a good device among the many offers on the trading platform, but I was lucky enough to choose this PC-7006 1Ghz device for 223.- U$ (incl. shipping) from the dealer avatar2012:

Android MID 7"

Android MID 7" (Specs)

After a week the package from China arrived, revealing a proper packaged tablet.

Android MID 7" (Shipment)

Android MID 7" (Shipment)

Android MID 7" (Box)

Android MID 7" (Box Content)

Android MID 7" (Device)

First impressions:

  • It comes with the necessary charger and wires, plus a pouch and a simple leather-case style holder.
  • The case is solid,looks sturdy (metal frame) and has the usual iPad design.
  • The capacitive screen can compete with the Galaxy Tab screen, it is very responsive.
  • It is fast, I tested with a few hungry games and videos the performance is pretty good.
  • The battery runtime is lasting, no longtime experience yet, but I could watch a movie, play and surf the web for a few hours (on/off) without draining it.
    Standby is not soaking the battery like Palroid.
  • Other than the previous tablet, it comes with the full version market (including paid apps).

Android MID 7"

Android MID 7" (System Info)

Android MID 7" (System Info)


  • It can be connected to a PC and be used for debugging, DDMS can link to the device.
  • The device is not rooted.
    (How to check if my Android device is rooted ? Download a terminal emulator from the market and execute ‘su –‘. If it comes back ‘..uid not allowed to su‘ then it is not rooted.)


Final Recommendation: Definitely yes. For this price, you get a good device that last you until you can swing over to Android 3.0.

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