Android Investigations

I love to examine the physics of the Android market, specifically since it is open and there is no controlling, approving or censoring authority (like the other shop from the fruit department). Anything can be submitted to the market, as long it is not breaking some basic rules and no one flag it as inappropriate (even then I am curious who looks at the flagged apps).

Quite often I browse through news apps and games to see how other developers start new apps in the market, to get ideas and gather more insights of the market ecosystem. I came across another pattern for some new apps, specifically homebew ones. The way the developer try to promote his app by self-praise. This can be achieved by..

App name and description, Keywords and Developer Name

Now you can see more apps with a title including the words free, best, cool,..

Lets look at this sample: Picture Puzzle-Fun,cool,simple
The developer calls himself: Fun Cool Best Action Game App Games Apps
Keywords: fun,photo,game,picture,angry,birds,fruit,ninja,dash,puzzle,funny,hard,easy,cool
Description: This is a fun game application for only Android users. Take pictures and make it a game!! You can also choose a picture from Gallery and play with it. Have fun!! .. We are sure that they will have fun playing these kind of games. (I dont think so)

Android Apps Promotion

I doubt the above approach makes this below-average games ever more popular or or showing up in the top ranks in the market.

Relating to famous and popular apps with keywords

By placing some unrelated keywords that point to popular apps the developer hopes to get more user searching for apps.

Above sample: angry birds (whats the relation dude? And you know what I searched for this term in the market, resulting in 350 apps, the above is not among them)


The developer will create some additional market accounts and praise his application with 5 stars.
Look at the below sample, the developer released 5 apps. I blurred the names because this showcase of self-laudation is not to denounce the developer, I can appreciate everyone’s effort to get an app into the market. Look at the comments of each app and you will the same names rating the app with 5 stars. Dont you find it strange the real users rate the app as poor crap, while user Ken find it is a “Great Game. Very addictive.

Android Apps Ratings

Android Apps

Android Apps

Android Apps

So if you look for comments and ratings of an app, be cautious if everyone find the app crap and only 1 or 2 find it awesome. I suspect this is possible to do at a bigger scale. Maybe someone managed to install the market on the emulator and create nonsense accounts automatically promoting the app ?

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