Netbeans running the Drools samples

Drools is closer to Eclipse because there is a plugin that supports Drools projects with flows, rules, etc. I still prefer Netbeans because it is our corporate IDE of choice and we can live without the visualization or the syntax highlighting of drl files.
The Drools distribution file (download from here)  comes with a bunch of samples that helps you get going with your own projects, usually easier to get hands-on code than to read AI style documentation. Samples and tutorials are for the rest of us.

Netbeans is smart enough to open the examples folder as maven project.

Open Maven Project

When you open the project the first time it will open as “unloadable” because of the missing dependencies. Just right-click on the project “resolve problems” and “prime” the project which will download all the required libraries.

Then you can execute the individual samples (Run File). Voila !

Running the examples

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