jBPM Eclipse Plugin Express Setup

Even we do development in Netbeans, we still can use the Eclipse plugin to ‘draw’ our processes.

  • Start Eclipse Helios (3.6.x) or Indigo (3.7.x)
  • Add new Software: The Graphiti SDK (more info)
    Add: http://download.eclipse.org/graphiti/updates/0.8.1/
    (not 0.7.1 as the JBoss docs say, it wont work)

    Add Software

  • Add new software: BPMN2 Plugin from Codehoop
    Add: http://codehoop.com/bpmn2

    BPMN Plugin

  • Start Eclipse and create an empty project (we cant create individual files only)

    New Project

  • Add new BPMN file

    New BPMN file

    New BPMN file

    Create process

  • Show as sourcecode

    Show as textfile


  • From here we can create a process and use the source as bpmn rule for our Netbeans project. Note, you can omit the visual layout part starting with <bpmndi:BPMNDiagram>.

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