Netbeans and JBoss 7

As much I like to use Glassfish, customers might have different taste or policy. We are challenged now to run our EJB/Web-application on JBoss as well. Netbeans supports JBoss up to version 6 but not the latest version 7 which is fully EE6 web profile compatible. Version 7 is not (yet) supported due to major revamp of the management API of JBoss. I found one plugin provided by Oleg Kulikov on github, a working prototype that can control Jboss 7 server from Netbeans, but cannot deply an application to it or debug it. I wish I know more about Netbeans RCP development, but it is not an easy task to create this kind of highly integrated NB plugin.
Discussion as Netbeans issue here.

JBoss Plugin

JBoss Plugin

4 thoughts on “Netbeans and JBoss 7

  1. First build it:
    1. Open project in Netbeans
    2. Build it
    3. Create NBM (right click on project, choose “Create NBM”)

    Install Plugin:
    1. In main menu go to Tools => Plugins
    2. Swich to tab “Downloaded”
    3. Click “Add plugins …”
    4. Point to created earlier nbm
    5. Choose JBoss-as7 plugin on list
    6. Click “Install”

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