Daily Tech Observations 8

Corona Tracing App Strategy Change

The German government moved away from the central data approach and the PEPP-PT initiative to a decentral solution. Seems they do not want to wait further on the non-commercial approach by a bigger group and hope the two huge companies SAP and Telekom can come up with an app. Looking forward to see the result, I doubt we will see anything released for another 8 weeks, being optimistic. A lot of countries have a head start here, see my overview post.

Questions I have:
The list of “infected ID’s” has to be updated regularly, potentially a growing list with many records need to be polled every hour ?!
How would you push the info to devices (in the case of infected contacts) ?
Use Google’s Firebase FCM ?


Tracing Apps across the globe

There are about 40+ apps in various countries around the globe, adopting different protocols, some are open-source, some are propietary, most of them are in the Android Playstore, some are released as apk-files only.
In some countries we see multiple (contact tracing) solutions at the start, India with 4, Italy 3 and US 3. In the EU with have at least 10 different apps. There is no way to trace beyond the boundaries of individual countries. Have a look at my overview here.

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