How to get Glassfish 3.0.1

Oracle keeps up the speed for the Glassfish Development (other than earlier rumors saying it would be downgraded to the toys-department). With 3.0 still being released by SUN last year december, the version 3.1 is targeted for later this year and 3.0.1 is already in the category promoted. You get with a Netbeans 6.9 Beta Download (from here) or as standalone package (from here).

You are running already Glassfish V3.0 and wondering how to get the updates, despite seeing x updates in your console ?

Glassfish V3 with updates available

Glassfish V3 with updates available (not)

You need to change the priority of repositories. For the terminal warriors:

  • Open a terminal in your Glassfish/bin folder
  • execute ./pkg image-update (first time it needs to download some more stuff)
  • execute it again (and it will tell you there is nothing to update)
  • Now the magic: ./pkg set-authority -P
  • execute the package update again and voila
    ~/sges-v3/bin$ ./pkg image-update
    DOWNLOAD                                  PKGS       FILES    XFER (MB)
    Completed                                52/52     341/341    56.5/56.5
    PHASE                                        ACTIONS
    Removal Phase                                  44/44
    Install Phase                                  44/44
    Update Phase                                 877/877
  • Start your domain and you are on the bleeding edge.

Glassfish V3.0.1

More Glassfish Roadmap Info here and here.