Android Samsung Galaxy Tab Alternative

I believe it makes no sense to buy a ~ 900.- SGD (3g, GPS), respectively a 500.- SGD (wifi only) device running Android 2.2 without any chance even to update to 2.3, such as the Galaxy Tab, the same time Galaxy is releasing already the new 3.0 based models. So how to find a cheap device that can compete with the Galaxy Tab ?
After buying one Android 10″ Tablet from without problems I decided to look for a second one, a 7″ device. Certainly not easy to find a good device among the many offers on the trading platform, but I was lucky enough to choose this PC-7006 1Ghz device for 223.- U$ (incl. shipping) from the dealer avatar2012:

Android MID 7"

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My Office Toolbox

In previous company I used usually (was asked to use) Microsoft Office, MS Visio and MS Project. In my current company I endeavor to use opensourece or free applications as far as possible.

Here the list of alternative products:

  • MS Visio turns into DIA (link)
  • MS Project turns into OpenWorkbench (link)
  • MS Office turns into OpenOffice (link)
  • Nothing turns into FreeMind (link)

I am not into the religious war of Microsoft is evil and dislike everything that comes from Redmond. NO, I use the products as well (and even have 1(!) proper license for MS Office and Visual Studio 2008), but I prefere to stay clean in terms of licenses and I need the above applications on a range of notebooks and desktop PC’s.