Browser War still on ? IE8 on its way

I remember the old days when Netscape aka Mosaic was around and took 90% in the mid-90’s. Then others came in and they lost valuable time by rewriting the whole thing. By 2006 it fell under 1%. (Read more @ wikipedia). I loved Netscape because it came with a simple editing tool for free, a feature none of todays browser packages offer anymore (per default).

Today we have IE (no. 1), FF (no. 2), Opera, Safari and some other browser.

Since August 2007 Microsoft is working on IE8 and they just release last week the second beta version for public download and evaluation. I propose doing that in a virtual machine. (link)

Netbeans 6.5 Beta

Milestone 2 is released for download. Quite some new features in this release that should hit the release version by October this year. For the average Java programmer maybe no big difference in functionality. I am wondering why they put in so much php functions.

Anyway, here link to the detailed new features and link to the download.