JavaFX Composer Out !

I was not looking at JavaFX for a few months and the latest rumors on the potential death of the RIA product under the new owner did not make me spend time learning more, even I believe it might be the missing piece for some boring Java (Swing) enterprise applications. Yesterday the plugin that finally supports the visual creation of JavaFX was released. (Go for plugins,reload catalog and select the version 1.0 of JavaFX plugin)

JavaFX Plugin

Once the download is finished you can start creating JavaFX applications

New JavaFX Project

JavaFX Skeleton Project

I cant judge yet the composer or rather non-manual (full control) way to create a fx stage. The composer creates the code (similar to Swing) in the background and you cant touch it without screwing the fx file. I will try on a few samples.

First Remark: The preview pane renders useless now, it does not work with the composer anyway.

More infos on the JavaFX Composer