ZK ‘Client-Server’ Communication Sample Part 2

In the first part (link) we made a javascript embedded into our zul page send data to the controller with the magic zau.send() function. The reverse can be done too, call a javascript on the zul page from the controller.

Lets continue with the sample from part 1:

ZK ‘zau.send()’ Sample

When using the ZK framework out-of-the-box, there is not much need to rely on any other communication methods than using the regular controller methods, except you want to pass client-side data that you can’t catch otherwise, eg. from javascripts. Here the most simple sample to talk from a zul page to a controller and passing data. You find the relevant ZK info/reference here, but I still miss a short and crisp sample.


  • Any Netbeans IDE beyond version 6.0 (with Glassfish or Tomcat installed)
  • ZK plugin to create ZK web app

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