Getting started with Drools and Netbeans

Rule engines are a rather complex topic with potentially a steep learning curve. I am looking at a few options, Drools being one of them. As usual one can read all the theoretical papers, but rather I have a something to look at and play with fast. Ultimately I need to integrate the rule engine into my application, so I dont want to play with eclipse editors for rules but seeing a rule engine ticking inside my Netbeans project. I found one tutorial from Vishal Akhouri which I updated to the latest version of Drools and some minor fixes. Most of the sample source code is from Vishal.



News: Java ME 3.0, Drools 5.0

  • Java ME 3.0 SDK
    Personally I expected Java ME to get lost or merge into other mobile technologies, right at that moment SUN announced the release of 3rd version of the Micro Edition.  More infos and downloads at SUN (link).
    Is the equation Java ME + Java FX versus Android ?
  • Drools 5.0
    I am very attracted by workflow and rules engine after working with hardcoded business rules in various legacy systems. The learning curve seems to be very steep to me, but this investment will be returned once you get it rolling. Drools now comes as 4 modules (Guvnor, Expert, Fusion,Flow) to cover an integrated platform for Rules, Workflow and Event Processing. More infos and download at JBoss (link)