Jazoon 2009: Day 2

Skipping the keynote I joined the following sessions:

  • Securing AJAX Applications by Moritz Kuhn and Philipp Färber from AdNovum Informatik AG
  • A complete Tour of JSF 2.0 (again by Ed Burns)
  • SLF4J and logback by Ceki Gülcü from QOS.CH. I will definitely look at this logging framework soon as an powerful alternative to standard java.util.logging (link)
  • Short introduction to JavaFX Rich Internet Applications connecting to GlassFish Java EE 5 services by Ludovic Champenois from Sun Microsystems.
  • Gaming with JavaFX: Developing the Next Generation of Casual Games

New to Jazoon was the Jazoon Rookie Contest, where the 3 choosen finalists presenteded their concepts, ideas or application. This years winners is João Arthur Brunet Monteiro with quite an impressive wizard to verify sourcecode against design conventions (read more at jazoon.com).The day ended with Jazoon Party.

More info on Jazoon 2009 at jazoon.com.


Jazoon 2009: Day 1

The opening session of day 1 of this years Jazoon conference (which seems to be no.2 in size following Javapolis, now called Devoxx) was opened with a keynote by James Gosling (wiki link), the famous brain behind or father of Java. An impressive person and it is an unique experience to hear him talking live, even I am sure he is used to this publicity fuzz, treated like a rockstar (take note of the book Secrets of Rockstar Programmers by Ed Burns that also covers James Gosling).

Further tracks I attended:

  • Dierk Koenig (author of Groovy in Action) on Usage Patterns for Groovy (link). Who is not looking yet at Groovy should be doing so soon.
  • Design Pattern in Dynamic Languages by Neal Ford (blog).
  • Hand Dockter about the build-system Gradle (link). The build system without stable release yet, tries to find its place somewhere in the ANT and MAVEN landscape offering some more dynamic features.
  • Next generation Builds for Enterprise Systems with Maven, Hudson, Nexus and more by Jason van Zyl (bit too complex and too many features for me)
  • Java Rule Engines. ILog versus Drools. A short overview.

Keynote by Neal Ford on how to stay up-to-date with technology and predict upcoming hits and flops. This is my third time I joins his sessions on various topics. He is definetly very experienced and entertaining presenter. Followed by Ivar Jacobson (one of the 3 amigos, link) on agile and smart methodology/strategies.

More info on Jazoon 2009 at jazoon.com.

Jazoon 2009: Day 0 – Glassfishday

Before the official start of the 3 day conference one could join either an OSGi conference or the Glassfish Community Day, I selected the later one and got some updates on Glassfish V3 and upcoming Java EE6. Alexis MP on Glassfish, its roadmap and features of the Enterprise Manager (you get as subscriber). Roberto Chinnici (JSR lead) on the the latest developments in EE6 due to be out in September this year. Marek Potociar on Metro, the Webservice stack in Glassfish. Jerome Doches on Glassfish V3 (now out as preview version). Ed Burns on JSF 2.0.

Definitely a day worth attending (even it was free), this year surely gonna be interesting with some new releases around the corner.


  • Polling the crowd I noticed the majority uses Eclipse, followed by Netbeans and some using IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Glassfish has the steepest download rate of all application server, the competing products are even declining. (Not sure about that)
  • Seems the final releas of Netbeans 6.7 will be out this week.
  • There will be a Netbeans 6.8. I thought we are walking towards version 7.

News: Netbeans, Glassfish, EE6

  • Netbeans RC2
    The second release candidate is available for download. Download at Netbeans.org (link) We should he seeing the final release soon in June.
  • EE6 Preview SDK
    Glassfish V3 preview comes together with samples and tutorials giving a preview on the upcoming EE6. Still most of it is based on JSR’s that are not final yet.
    Some feedback from JavaOne regarding release dates on Jim Whites’s Blog (link)

News: Java goes Oracle

With one company (IBM) jumping off the merger train another big one joins the game: ORACLE. I guess at this moment no one can really judge if that is the better choice or not, neither would anyone be able to foresee what exactly going to happen to “our” (as in OpenSource) Java, MySql, Netbeans, JavaFX,…
For the last few hours news IT websites, blogs and forums in the IT world are rapidly filling up with news, opinions and rumors about the big deal which definitely will impact the IT world.

Some news summary from JavaLobby (link)

JUG (Java User Group) Singapore

I was recently ranting about a missing Singapore Java User Group. There is some information about previous groups but they appear dead. I try to start a new one… I considered to use meetup.com but I am not really willing to pay money for this. Sorry.
I am not a Java Guru or expert, but that wont stop me to organize something.

Netbeans Wiki Info

The SUN Techdays (20.22 Jan 2009) would be a good starting point.