News from the Java World

As expected at JavaOne some news were released. Blogs and development portals are full of it. In short:

  • Netbeans 6.9 becomes 7.0 in order to be aligned with the Java platform itself. (more info here)
    I am fine with that, seems Oracle is still serious about Netbeans.
  • JavaFX Script is dead but the features will be available as API. (more info here)
    OK, the scripting was a bit cumbersome. But you could get used to it using Netbeans.

JavaFX News

  • JavaFX is not yet available for Linux and OpenSolaris, at least officially. Still some fokls foud ways to get it up and running. Have a look at:
    >> OpenSolaris (link) and
    >> Linux (link)
  • Android, the Google Mobile Phone phone OS, is running on a Java platform, but not supporting JavaME applications. There is no official Netbeans plugin, but a Kenai project (link) that helps the NB folks to use their sweet environment. And you are wondering if JavaFX is going to run on Android ?
    Last year Johnathan Schwartz and Rich Green at  JavaOne:

    (Besides this video I could not trace any information how to do it. Am I paranoid ? but SUN and Google not really collaborating on such topics ?
  • More info on the JavaFX Mobile launch (link)
  • Updating Netbeans JavaFX plugin 1.1  and getting this ?
    Netbeans Network Error

    Netbeans Network Error

    You are not alone ! I try to get the update for the last few days and always get this error. The only really annoying thing in NB at the moment (for me).