Sunday Afternoon Projects

I love 3D engines and the concepts of simuation of real world scenarios with realistic looking software. Most of the 3D engines are heavily infested with C, C++ or C# (due to higher performance) and almost all of them have a hefty learning curve, if you want to go beyond the click-and-play editor of the simple game engines. I dont really have time to get involved in technology that is too far away from Java and Java is not really known for powerful 3D graphics…until I found this:

  • JMonkeyEngine (JME is a highperformance 3D scene graph based graphics API)

    Josh Slack (the brain behind JMonkeyEngine) at Java One 2008

And if you want to have a simpler start into the world of physics, you can play with Phys2D. I even someone implementing a simple game in JavaFX using this ! Will share more on this on the next sunday afternoon sesion.