Palroid – Root it or Brick it ?

My 3 year old daughter makes the device unusable in less than 5min after switching it on, simply by poking around the screen and opening a couple of apps.

There is very little (or better no) detail info about the specs of the Palroid that would help to find out if it is root-able.

One thing for sure, it has root access by default. Just simply do adb shell and go do the data folder, creating a file there is only possible for root user.

Now lets try to find out whats ticking inside the device

adb -d shell getprop | grep build

Inside Palroid

Its a TCC 8900 ! See specs here:

No clue if it the ROM can be changed. I am looking for devices based on the same hardware. (so far Apad 7800, Haipad m1001)

Further digging only reveals this links:

to be continued..