Android Phone cannot send SMS

To be honest, I haven’t been doing much with Android recently. One reason (except being perpetual busy with other projects) was the fast change of Android versions 1.5, 1.6, 2.0 and the fact the Android Developer phone would not support 2.0 anymore (which is technically not possible). After the I updated the phoneware to 1.6 a while ago, I lost the connectivity to 3G. Recently I tinker the phone settings to make it work again, basically the APN settings were somehow changes during the update process. Check 2 settings if you face this problem as well: the prefered network type under Phone Info and the username and password of your APN. Some providers need it blank or empty (Singtel expects blank/blank). Dueing this process I lost the ability to send SMS, most probably due to pressing the update button under Phone Info with an empty SMSC (Short Message Service Centre)  field.

  1. Open Phone Info by dialing *#*#4636#*#* (the Phone Info Screen will open, there is no other way to access this page, unless you install anycut)
  2. Check the SMSC value (at the bottom of the page). Press refresh, if it is still empty you need to enter the SMSC of YOUR provider. For Singtel it’s +65 96500001 or +65 96400001.


PS: Now there is a much bigger choice on Android powered phones, specifically Motorola (link) being quite active now. I still dont understand, despite Android to be so “open”, why the devices are not available everywhere or only locked-in to a service provider that force you into expensive data subscriptions. Did you have a look at the Nexus One (link) ?