Copy AMI between regions

Finally this feature is available and easy as the click of a button. While it was previously almost impossible and last year through snapshots only you can select any AMI and copy to another region. It makes my life much easier and I stop maintaining reference images for every region but can make use of one image only ! More info here.

AMI Transferral

AMI Transferral

Copy EC2 instance to another region

Is it finally possible ? While the AMI import tool is long awaited for but only available for Windows, it is rather a big hazzle to transfer manually (see this) any other OS ( my last attempt in 2010).

Today Amazon announced the EBS Snapshot Copy Feature (across regions). The intention is certainly to allow easy migration of data to another region, as you can copy the snapshot, create a volume and attach it to an instance. I was curious to try if I can migrate my Ubuntu instance to another region and it worked. You can use both command-line as well the AWS web admin.